Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I've Got You Covered!

Uni Care Package: Elasticised Bike Seat Cover
One Uni Care Package coming up! One of my nieces, aka: Miss Smarty-Pants, is going off to university in less than a month, so a special consultation and a postcard later, here is the first of the things I'm making for her: an Elasticised Bike Seat Cover with Tie-On Straps!

As the daughter of a retired accountant, I've created my list of things to make, mend, or alter on an Excel spreadsheet, along with their "due dates/ideal completion dates".  Scary! <;0) (The box by my work-table, which contains my miscellaneous minor sewing projects, has been dubbed The Lucky Dip Box.)

Basic Shape of Bike Seat Cover
When I started to create this bike seat cover, I was very much winging it; I had no bike seat to measure, just a vague memory of what my niece's bike looked like.  When my niece happened to cycle over for a cuppa and a natter, I was able to ascertain that my guesstimates were right! Yay!

I used vinyl from my existing stash for the outside cover, and plain black flannel on the reverse.

I didn't have quite enough black webbing for the straps, so I had to improvise by attaching some black grosgrain ribbon to lengthen the straps for easier tying.

While the cover's size was good, my niece and I agreed a more snug fit would be better.  I added elastic around the edges, firmly pulling the elastic while sewing it into the channel.

Black Flannel Underside
To help prevent fraying, using a zigzag stitch, I double-hemmed the ends of both the webbing and the grosgrain ribbon.

It's nothing fancy, but it will help keep the saddle dry and alleviate the dreaded wet bike-bum!

So, Miss Smarty-Pants, rest assured:

I've Got You Covered!