Sunday, 26 May 2013

"WOT Is She Wearing?!"

I call this "My Swear-y Pants Caftan Set". The reason they're "swear-y" is because I was doing a lot of swearing while making them.

I made these when I was brand new to sewing, and bitten with the "gotta-make-something" bug. So, rather than risk throwing away money on store-bought material on a potential disaster, I "re-fashioned" an old bed sheet with cool tribal-animal print design at the top of the sheet.  I featured the tribal-animal print at the pant hems [photo below] just for fun!

The short caftan top is actually a shorter version of a so-called "30-minute 4-Seam Caftan" pattern I found on - mine actually took me a couple of HOURS; partly, because I was still learning how to use the button-hole feature on my sewing machine to make the belt slots. That bit got quite swear-y!

At the time, I had no firm surface for measuring and cutting, so I monopolized the entire living room floor of my apartment. It wasn't pretty. For the pants "pattern" I used a pair of my favorite palazzo pants and improvised. I felt very smart and pleased with myself for that concept.

I continued to feel smart ...up until I went to put the pants pieces together: I realized that the part at the top where there is usually a center seam was much too short! The material had shifted as I was cutting it! This was roughly where the swearing REALLY began.

LOOOONG story rather shorter, I had another stroke of creative "jenius"! There was just enough sheet material left over to fix the faux-pas by way of cutting 2 inverted triangular panels for the front and back to fill in the large gaps in the pants pattern pieces. So, my pants have 2 seams front and back, instead of the normal 1 seam. Oh well! The short caftan top covers up that "whoopsies" . They fit, AND they're both super comfortable, even if they are exotic & funky-looking. :0)

So, now you know ...

"WOT Is She Wearing?!"