Friday, 25 January 2013

I Have A Cunning Plan ...

Welcome to "Penny-Pinchers' Purses'" new abode ...fresh for 2013!

I'm back with Blogger because I was not happy with the Opera browser as a forum for my blog for a few reasons; but, at the time, Opera was new to me, so I had to check it out and, at least, give it an honest try ...

If you followed me over from my blog on Opera, (Thank You!!!), you're already familiar with my creations (and sometimes wacky & cheeky blog-style).  If not, and you'd like to review a little background on "Penny-Pinchers' Purses'" concept, beginnings, and photos there, please do feel free to click on the previous link to do so. :0)

Thankfully, returning to Blogger allows me to provide a more in-depth, better-organized, more fun & attractive weblog ...without the limited features, and "quasi-dating-site" issues apparent with Opera.  Not least of which, it's easier to link it with my current Google+ pages. :0)

Before, I create and publish any new projects here yet, I need to finish a few others first.  In the meantime, I am excited to post photos of some of the gorgeous flannel fabric I recently invested in  ...thanks to a recent "killer" SALE (and coupons!) at Joann's Fabrics! (Woo-Hoo!)  [The photos will be posted under the tab marked: "MATERIAL GIRL"].

Maybe I'm just weird, but I feel it's so much easier to be inspired to create something cool when there's fun and beautiful material in one's stash!

All that said, my fingers are itching to be back at my sewing machine, causing my next creative brainstorm to materialize ...I'd let you in on that "secret" (read: scary?) thought-process; but,

I Have A Cunning Plan ...